How to upload a creative with a click URL

To create a campaign with a click url:

  1. Open Vendo Console ( and select the advertiser for which you want to create a new campaign on the side bar.

  2. Click the Create Campaign button.

  3. The New Campaign Page will be displayed which contains the required information for the new campaign.

    Import to note is the redirect url field. This will be the page the end user viewing the ad will be redirected to when he/she clicks on the click url.

    Once all fields are filled in click Submit to Create the campaign.

  4. Once you clicked Submit on the new campaign page you will be redirected to the new campaigns creative.

    Creative text fields make use of template variables. Template variables dynamically get replaced when the ad is served.

    For instance the text:

    Click {{click_url}} for more info.

    would render as:

    Click for more info.

    A preview is also displayed when you enter the text for the creative so that you can check that the ad will render correctly. Below is a list of available template variables.

    Template Variable Description
    {{click_url}} Short URL that will log a click and redirect to the redirect URL.

    Important: There should be no spaces between the curly braces and the template variable name.

    Once all required fields are filled out select Done.