The following terms are frequently used within the VendoServe environment

Term/Concept Definition
Advertiser An Advertiser is the company/service advertising on Vendo.
Channel A channel is platform provided by a publisher on which an Advertiser’s ads are displayed to the End Users.
Placement A Placement defines the ability for a Publisher to display an Ad Unit within a Channel e.g. website or mobile application.
Ad Type specifics the type of ad creative (e.g. image, text, video).
Creative A Creative is the base advert/content that will be displayed to a Publisher’s end-user. A Creative is associated with a specific Ad Type and must conform to the constraints imposed by the Ad Type in order to be displayed correctly.
Campaign Campaigns are configurations that determine when a Creative will be aired. Campaigns contain scheduling information, targeted audience or keywords and volume constraints. Each Campaign contains a single creative.
Publisher A Publisher is the service that requests an ad to display to end-users.